Alyssa is a lettering and watercolour artist whose interests primarily lie in florals and landscapes. She has collaborated with various partners by providing live calligraphy and painting services to guests and clients.
As a firm believer of self-care and mental health awareness, Alyssa hopes to introduce these art mediums as ways to unwind from everyday stressors. She conducts watercolour and lettering workshops for aspiring crafters and company staff in Singapore, where she encourages her students to practice self-compassion and patience while painting or lettering.
Through online and real-life platforms, she shares her passion and hopes to inspire other watercolour newbies and enthusiasts.

Previous Collaborations

Live Calligraphy: Chanel, Salvatore Farregamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake, Calvn Klein, and Design Business Chamber Singapore
Live Painting Performance: Design Business Chamber Singapore
Workshops: Church events, Corporate staff engagement sessions, bridal parties, Community Centre events, and various private groups